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January 19, 2020 | Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


Food for the Hungry
During these cold winter months we are reminded that hunger does not take a break. Don’t forget to bring at least 1 non-perishable food item to Mass every weekend. Donations can be left in the special bins located to the right of the main Altar & at the back of the church. These food items will be brought to St. Willibrord’s Food Bank to be distributed to the needy.
***Please note that the bins are for food items only. Unfortunately we are unable to accept used clothing or household items.

World Day of the Sick
Tuesday February 11th, the Memorial of our Lady of Lourdes, is World Day of the Sick.
To mark this occasion on Sunday February 9th we will have a communal Celebration of the Sick at our 10:30am Mass. Who may be anointed? The Church offers this sacrament of the sick to those who are seriously ill or feeble because of old age. This includes those who suffer from serious chronic illnesses; patients before serious surgery; elderly people who are weak. All who feel they are in need of the graces and strength of this sacrament are invited to receive it. If you have any questions you can chat with Father who will explain the sacrament to you.

Weekly Donation Envelope Boxes
Parishioners who use the envelope system for their parish contribution are reminded to collect their 2020 boxes from the main entrance of the church. Boxes are in alphabetical order. If you don’t have a donation envelope box—but would like to make your weekly donations to the parish using this method, or if you have any questions please contact the parish office. Thank you for your faithful generosity.

Capital Campaign
Our Capital Campaign continues throughout this 2020 New Year. Thanks to your generosity and to an anonymous donor who made an exceptional gift we are doing very well. If you have not made your Contribution as of yet, why not consider doing so at this time. Whatever the amount, it will be most appreciated and meaningful in helping us reach our goal.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food” (Matthew 25:35) We have a new tradition in our parish to support the hungry on a more continuous basis. Bring one non-perishable food  item to Mass every weekend which will be sent to the foodbanks. Donations can be left at the back of the church and will be delivered to St. Willibrord’s parish food bank.  A list of suggestions for nutritious non-perishable items is posted below.

Download Item list

Keep in mind that over 860,000 Canadians visit food banks every month, with over 36% of the donations feeding hungry children.

Foodbank Donation List suggested nutritious non-perishable food items: 

  • Oatmeal (regular, no added sugar if possible)
  • Pot barley
  • Whole-grain high-fibre/whole wheat dried pasta
  • Brown rice
  • Couscous (whole wheat best)
  • Canned salmon or tuna
  • Canned beans (chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans)
  • Peanut butter
  • Tomato sauce
  • Pasta sauce in jars
  • Canned vegetables and fruit (no added sugar or salt if possible)

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