Community Outreach

Community Outreach Ministries

Benedict Labre House

Several times a year, our parish organizes, cooks and serves Sunday lunch at Benedict Labre House.
This provides parishioners with the opportunity to deepen their spiritual lives through service to the poor. As well as being a great way to get to know their fellow parishioners!

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The Montreal Diet Dispensary

This program helps families through their “Christmas Cheer Program”.
Our parishioners have helped with the purchase of food vouchers.

This communal effort by the Parish helps the Montreal Diet Dispensary assist their clients to spend the holiday season with their families in much less stressful circumstances.
For more information, contact the Parish office at (514) 932-3131.

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L’Abri en Ville

The mission at l’Abri en Ville is to provide a stable and fullfilling environment for persons with mental illness through safe, affordable housing and inclusion in a supportive community. They believe in a society in which persons can be full, contributing members despite a mental illness.

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Westmount Park School

Generous members of our Parish continue to support Westmount Park’s School’s Breakfast program every year. In 2009, our donation of $5,000. helped to feed over 230 primary school children who often go to school with no breakfast and no lunch.

Westmount Park School

Visits to Shut-Ins

This is a special ministry to our homebound parishioners requiring the gifts of caring, compassion and discretion. Some of our parishioners do welcome a friendly visit from time to time to help brighten their day!

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The Seniors Lunch Club

Sponsored by Ascension of Our Lord parish and the Greene Avenue Community Centre, this club provides a relaxed atmosphere where seniors can meet others with similar interests.
Clients pay for their meals but, thanks to donations, careful shopping and volunteer helpers, we offer a three course meal at a nominal cost, and the option of the main course as takeout.
If you can help on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month from October to May, please call Jackie Neville at (514) 935-3817.

Greene Ave Community Centre

St Willibrord’s Food & Clothing Bank

Every week, our parishioners drop off donations of food and clothing which is delivered to the St-Willibrord church in Verdun. St Willibrord’s Food Bank assists over 400 families each month. A constant supply of non-perishable goods, such as tinned meat, fish, fruits and vegetables as well as dry goods such as pasta, rice and cereals is required to meet the need. Baskets in which to deposit donations are provided in the vestibule at the back of the church.

St Willibrord's Parish

Lenscrafter’s Gift of Sight Program

For over ten years, Parishioners have been dropping off their used eyeglasses and non-prescription sunglasses at the church so that others may have the gift of sight.

This program provides free vision care and eyewear to underprivileged individuals in North America and in developing countries around the world.

Many eyecare specialists who participate in this program by travelling to developing countries and matching donated glasses to patients waiting for this gift say that the look of wonder on a child’s face because they are seeing the world clearly is a very powerful thing..

To date the program has run 175 clinics in 31 countries. They need 2 million pairs of used eyewear each year to support 20 global clinics each year..

Gift of sight

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