Weddings at Ascension of Our Lord

As you look forward to the celebration of your marriage, we would like to provide you with information regarding the many questions you may have.



Marriage for Catholics in the Province of Quebec is both religious and civil. The following documents are required:

1) proof of baptism and confirmation issued within six months of the wedding.
2) freedom to marry:
If you are non-Catholic you will need a signed and witnessed sworn testimony that you are free to marry.
If you have been previously married, you must provide
(a) proof of annulment and civil divorce or (b) marriage and death certificate of former spouse.
3) couples domiciled in another parish need permission from the pastor of the parish in which you reside in order for a marriage to take place in this parish.
4) couples domiciled in another diocese must have their pastor prepare all required documentation which when completed and approved by the bishop of that diocese will be forwarded to the diocese of Montreal for approval for the marriage to take place in this parish. In this case one year is necessary for due process.
5) if either party is non-Catholic or non-Christian, an original baptism or birth certificate is required.


Marriage Preparation

1) A marriage preparation course is required by the diocese of Montreal. Information regarding these courses may be obtained by (1) calling Sonia Kesik-Mitchell at the Department of Family Life, diocese of Montreal at (514) 931-7311 loc. 219 or loc. 343 or (2) Engaged Encounter in Pierrefonds (514) 685-9607 or Marriage Preparation (514) 489-6976.
2) Scheduled meetings will be arranged with the pastor to prepare for your wedding.
3) These meetings are with the couple, not with extended family members, friends or wedding planners.
4) Any outside priest or minister whom you are planning to ask to participate in your wedding is welcomed but must first be approved by the pastor.
5) A deposit of 1/3 of the wedding fee is required in order to book the wedding date. The balance is due on or before the evening of the rehearsal. This amount includes the fee paid by the parish to the archdiocese, the use of the church and the maintenance required for a wedding, the interviews with the clergy, the rehearsal, secretarial and administrative costs. Fees for soloists or musicians, if requested, are additional and any costs incurred are payable directly to the musicians. (see Music below)


Wedding Liturgy

1) A booklet to assist you in preparing your wedding ceremony will be made available to you.
2) Ascension of Our Lord is an English-speaking parish and the language of the ceremony will be English. You are welcome to include readings in another language. It will, however, be your responsibility to find readings in the language of your choice and organize readers (perhaps family or friends).
3) The pastor will discuss the wedding ceremony only with the couple.
4) During the scheduled meetings a rehearsal date will be determined. It is important that all who are involved with the wedding party (including readers) be present.
5) No children under five years of age will be permitted in the wedding party.
6) Only two witnesses may sign the parish register (usually the maid/matron of honour and best man).



Your music must reflect the sacred nature of the wedding ceremony.

The Director of Music, David Szanto, oversees all wedding music sung at the parish and will be happy to consult with you in planning the music for your wedding. We recommend that you make arrangements with Mr. Szanto well in advance. A CD with our wedding repertory is available.

If you are thinking of including a soloist or other musicians in your ceremony, please make sure this has been discussed and approved by Mr. Szanto before any arrangements are made. If you desire, he will be pleased to refer you to other musicians.

Special requests that lie outside our wedding repertory are happily considered, so long as they are liturgically appropriate and approved by the music director. Please contact Mr. Szanto (at well in advance to discuss such selections.

The music director’s fee of $200 is payable to Mr. Szanto one week prior to the wedding and includes services at your wedding, consultation and, if applicable, rehearsal with a musician on the day of the wedding. Please note that the music director’s fee must be paid whether or not he performs at the ceremony as he is the official musician of the parish.



1) Any arrangements for decorating the church must be discussed with the pastor beforehand.
2) Times for delivery of flowers or decorating of pews must be confirmed with the parish office (514) 932-3131.
3) No flower petals, confetti, rice etc. are permitted anywhere either inside or outside the church.

Photography & Videography

1) All photographers and videographers must meet with the pastor before the ceremony.
2) Professionalism and dress is of the utmost importance as your wedding is a formal occasion. All photographers should behave professionally and be appropriately attired.
3) Photographers must not be seen in the center aisle during the ceremony. They must not block the bride or wedding party during the procession or recession.
4) Photographers must not enter the sanctuary during the ceremony or come between the priest and the couple.
5) Equipment must not clutter the church.


We hope this information is helpful. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the parish office.

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