A little more than five months ago, technicians from Casavant Frères, under the supervision of the firm’s artistic director Jacquelin Rochette, came to the Ascension of Our Lord Church to dismantle the church’s Opus 1344 organ console and transport it to their workshop in St‑Hyacinthe to restore, refurbish and upgrade the instrument’s console with electronic systems of the most advanced state‑of‑the‑art technology.

Although restorative work had been conducted periodically over the last fifty years, this is the first time since its installation in 1928 that our Opus 1344’s console has been physically removed from the church. Yes, the restoration that has been undertaken is that significant.

The three short videos and photos on this page are courtesy of Suzie Charpentier and Jens Peterson, both of whom are involved in the restoration work. They give us an inside look – literally – at what goes into the “making” of an organ console, along with a preview of what the keyboards, pedals and stops will look like after this complete “makeover”!

As for the second part of the five‑step restoration, there is a slight delay. The blower and bellows system has yet to arrive from Germany. The space for it has been readied for the installation so that work may proceed without delay once the system is delivered. We will keep you posted on developments.
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