APRIL 26, 2020

Our Archdiocese has set up a web page designed to provide ongoing relevant information amid current COVID‑19 concerns, including the latest guidelines, related articles and spiritual resources >>>

The diocese has also created a spiritual help‑line to offer support during the pandemic: 1‑888‑305‑0994

Friends of Mercy

Created in conjunction with Pastoral Home Care, the main objective of Friends of Mercy is to encourage the members of the parishes in our Archdiocese to become aware of the large number of those in need, to pray for the sick, for their families and for all members of the association.

All Friends of Mercy are invited on the 11th of each month to offer their day for the intentions of the sick, their families and the volunteers who minister to them. In addition, we pray for all members of the association, our community partners and the parishes involved in caring for the sick.

New members will be asked to sign a pledge form and will receive a certificate of participation signed by Archbishop Christian Lépine. 

If you would like to participate, contact Arlene Provoteaux.