April 25, 2021

Catholic Church of Montreal 2021 Annual Campaign

On a mission: Growing. Stronger. Together.

The 2021 Annual Campaign, starting this weekend, features four people from our diocese on a mission with the worthy task of promoting and serving spiritual life and love in the various spheres of family, work, society and Church.

And in spite of the current challenging circumstances, these individuals have made and continue to make a difference in their communities.

They have found new ways to be present and supportive in the mission, bringing new hope through their involvement during these times of crisis.

Witnessing the love of God also means contributing to the joy, the love, the well-being and the dignity of individuals, families, youth and humanity as a whole.

Let’s support the Catholic Church of Montreal in its mission to serve and respond to the needs of our community. Together, with the grace of God, we can meet these challenges. 

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April 25, 2021

Board of Directors Pillars Trust Fund

The board is now accepting applications from women and men who would like to join our volunteer Board of Directors.

Pillars is a fundraising organization with a 50-year history of promoting its mission to support the English-Speaking Catholic Community of Montreal. If you are interested and have expertise in fundraising, marketing, public relations, previous board experience or other relevant competencies, see below for details on how to apply.

This past year Pillars has helped 15 parishes acquire equipment for live streaming or move forward with parish renewal projects.

We continue to support many Catholic organizations through our dynamic board and have exciting new goals for expanding support to our community.
Please send your c.v. to:
Carol McCormick, Executive Director
or mail to: Pillars Trust Fund Inc.
2005 St. Marc St. Montreal  QC  H3H 9Z9

April 25, 2021

Villa Saint Martin: Spring & Summer Retreats

Villa Saint Martin: Spring & Summer Retreats
“Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while” (Mark 6:31)

The Villa Saint Martin invites you to come and rest a while with God during one of their individually accompanied retreats taking place from May to August 2021.

Retreats vary from 3 to 30 days long. Retreats take place in a peaceful and quiet environment respecting all Covid-19 guidelines and help you to deepen your relationship with God For information and registration, please visit
or contact the registrar by:
phone (514-684-2311 ext.227) or

The diocese has created a spiritual help‑line to offer support during the pandemic: 1‑888‑305‑0994.

Our Archdiocese has also set up a web page designed to provide ongoing relevant information amid current COVID‑19 concerns, including the latest guidelines, related articles and spiritual resources >>>