SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

Saturday, September 12 
The Most Holy Name of Mary
4:30 Kuddy Sanguir by the Corpus Family

Sunday, September 13
Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
10:30 Kurt and Linda Krause by the Estate

Monday, September 14
The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Tuesday, September 15
Our Lady of Sorrows

Wednesday, September 16
St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian

Thursday, September 17 | No Mass
St. Robert Bellarmine

Friday, September 18

Saturday, September 19
St. Januarius
4:30 Luisita Botello by the Family

Mass Intentions 

We have quite a few Masses without intentions, particularly on weekdays. If you would like to remember a loved one in this way, or for another special intention, you are invited to CONTACT THE PARISH OFFICE to book a Mass time or the Sanctuary Lamp.