MARCH 21, 2021

Gatherings at places of worship are limited to a maximum of 10 people. 
The Government of Québec has announced that, beginning on March 26, 2021, places of worship will be able to accommodate a maximum of 25 people.


In announcing a relaxation of the confinement measures in effect since February 8, 2021, the Québec government announced a prolongation of the measures for regions which remain at Level 4 – Maximum Alert (red zone). Montreal is one of these regions, so continuing on March 16, 2021. >> details from the Québec Government, places of worship are allowed to reopen, with a strict limit on the number of people.

A maximum of 10 people are allowed to congregate.

As of March 26, 2021 a maximum of 25 people are allowed to congregate

Religious community leaders are expected to show “exemplary rigour” and encourage congregants to respect physical standing rules, wear masks, wash their hands when entering and exiting the building, and refrain from singing.

A registry of the people who attend the gatherings is also mandatory, in order to help trace them in the event of an outbreak.

The decree maintains the maximum size of gatherings for funerals at 25 people.16