May 10, 2020

The gospel presents Jesus as the guide in life, the ‘way, truth and life’. The Christian centre is the person of Christ. Our work for Jesus and our love for people, no matter what our calling in life, flow from this.

Mother Teresa was once asked why she did what she did, and she simply said ‘for Jesus’. This centre always holds, it cannot be unhinged. It is a deeply personal relationship: we are led by Jesus ‘one by one’, known by name, not as one of a group. We follow him as one we know, not a stranger.

We study his life and times, getting to know the places and events of his life, we become familiar with the gospels and get to know him in the heart. Prayer is the way of keeping our centre of conviction and motivation strong. Freedom grows and we begin to find him everywhere.

Different types of people and spirituality stress different aspects of Jesus. The Eastern approach to Jesus is very much the ‘way’; while the African is the ‘life’. The European stress is the ‘truth’. In Europe we need to rediscover also the joy and vibrancy of the African and Latin American expressions of faith, and also the presence of God in all life’ s moods and journeys of the Indian and Eastern traditions. We can get so caught up in small or even big truths and doctrines that we miss other centres of faith. All faith needs the balanced approach to Jesus – way, truth and life. Recall people who guided you well in your life. Pray for them.

Jesus, our way – guide me in life;
Jesus, our truth – teach me your meaning of life;
Jesus, our life – love me always

— Donal Neary S.J.