NOVEMBER 29, 2020

Today we begin the beautiful and holy season of Advent.
With all that we have going on this time of year, it’s no wonder Advent that does not always seem to get the attention it deserves.
But if we will commit to living this season well, we will experience a deeper conversion to Christ and find real transformation in our lives as Christian stewards.

Advent calls us not only to look back in grateful contemplation of Christ’s first coming, but it also calls us to look forward in preparation for His Second Coming. Advent is a time to reset and regroup, to repent over any misplaced priorities, to turn our minds and hearts back to God while we still have time. We do so not out of fear or guilt, but rather, out of gratitude for Love Incarnate lying in a manger bed.

Whatever we feel God calling us to do this Advent — committing to a daily Gospel reflection, visiting a lonely neighbour, or donating money to those in dire need — there is no time to waste.

Jesus makes this clear in our Gospel passage from Matthew. He tells the parable of a man going off on a journey. Before he leaves, he “places his servants in charge, each with his own work.” We, of course, are the servants in this parable, each with a mission to accomplish in building the Kingdom of God. Jesus warns us over and over in this passage to remain vigilant to the work He has given us to do because we do not know when we will be called to give an account for it.

Our lives are a gift. This holy season is a gift. Let us recommit to living the stewardship way of life.

Love came down to us as a Baby. And He is coming again. Be watchful!