OCTOBER 3, 2021

The followers of Christ can be caught between valuing the commitment of life’s promises in marriage, and compassion for people whose marriages have broken up.
Jesus values the commitment too:
adultery is condemned as a sin against justice – of tampering in some way with the commitment made of one person to another.

Why is this folllowed by a comment about children that they should come to him? Obviously from love for children, and also for love of the child inside each of us, the child of God that we all are. So for the child of God who is suffering through the breakdown of commitment, Jesus is saying to come to him, be welcomed into his arms and be blessed.

While trying to value commitment in marriage and also in religious life, he is also reaching out to people who are in difficult, personal situations. We follow him in this, letting go of judgements about people’s relationships. We never know people unless we have walked in their shoes and at their pace.

The church has tried in many ways to reach out to people who need care, protection and healing in Pope Francis’ Letter on the Family, The Joy of Love.

In situations where there are differences in people’s attitudes, especially in the family, it is good to keep doors of communication open.This is the way towards greater love and healing, and allowing Jesus be part of every aspect of life. Many parents have been happy in later years that they kept lines of communication open with children whose lifestyles may have been different from theirs.

Think of a family relationship for which you are grateful.
Lord, may your love be upon us, especially in our commitments.

Donal Neary S.J.