OCTOBER 10, 2021

The preacher had placed a mirror at the end of the church. He asked everyone to look in it and at the edge of the mirror was written, ‘this is your greatest treasure’.
The rich man in the gospel thought treasure was in wealth, and this made him sad.
The wisdom of Jesus is that wealth is not the final happiness.
Our biggest treasure is inside ourselves – each of us made in the image of God, by love and for love.

Does our culture today value the dignity of each person and the treasure that each person is? It’s good to have a good house – but sad that it takes up so much energy and expense. Does our hospital care for the elderly and many others value the dignity and the treasure that each person is? Can we go into A and E and say all these people are treasures or just trolley holders? We still have schools and buildings which are substandard for our children.

In any parish the best gift of God to the parish is its people, like in a school or any institution which gathers people together. The rush of life and a general self-centredness can take the focus off the essential in communities and in people. The gospel today asks us to look in the right place for our true wealth and riches – in our giving of time and self to others in the sort of relationships of love which value the worth and dignity of all.

I picture people I know and give thanks to God for each of them
Let your face shine on us O Lord,
that we may see your reflection in each other.

Donal Neary SJ