NOVEMBER 14, 2021

The tree was a big image for Jesus – he spoke many truths of his message pointing at trees,
– like mustard seeds which grew big,
– vines that withered,
– and the fig tree which was common to his hearers.

When asked about the signs of things to come, he gave no long homily, but just looked at the fig tree and said you know from this when summer and winter is coming. In the same way we can sense his presence in our lives in different ways. This may not help us to know about the end of time and the questions people had then, but it can get us to become aware of how God is present in our lives.

The word of God is spoken in the human words of many people. In kindly words, in forgiving and tolerant words, and also in the word of God spoken in the Mass, Jesus speaks to us today. Like the people looking at a fig tree, we can find his presence in the kindliness and the helpful words of another. This is the word of God in human form. It will not pass away.

We are called to speak his word in our way of life: to be friends of the earth, friends of all people, and friends of the poor. That’s redemption, Jesus and ourselves working in unison.

God’s book of compassion and love includes our names. We can be thankful our are names are in the book of life.

Imagine a blank page of the Book of Life:
see your name on the page, and a list of the good you have done.
Lord bring more good out of what I have tried to do in my life out of love.

Donal Neary SJ