February 6, 2022

Peter got great joy out of being a fisherman/a businessman/ with his business partners. Especially when the catch was good and the money was flowing in from Rome and the cities east and west of Galilee.

Jesus offered more – for then/for now and for always. Life to the full was to follow, even in suffering/humiliation and death for Peter.

Christ is alive in love of our family network/our deep friendships/our care for the needy and our care for the earth. Our volunteers in many places bring the fullness of life of Jesus.

The fish in the story represent all the people who will be found for Christ. And he’d say to Peter, ‘look at the fish and think of the people and know that I am alive’.

Sharing and educating in faith is bringing Christ to life. The teachers and chaplains, priests, religious, parish personnel, all educators in faith are in partnership with the Lord Jesus.

All sincere faith knowledge leads to love of God and each other. Conversion is being in love with God and his creation, with each and with everyone. We want to be in a state of love. Only the one who can love can know God, for God is love. That’s the challenge to all of us in passing on the faith as best we can to another generation. We pass on our faith in love.

It’s not just a catechism but the conviction, belief and joy that Christ is alive. To us Christ would say there will always be fish to be caught and people to be served, the generous gift of God. To us he says there is always love, also the generous gift of God.

Lord, help me to find you in all things,
and then we can do all for your greater glory.

Donal Neary, SJ