February 27, 2022

Someone said to me of a friend – She must have a lovely heart!
The Gospel today is about goodness inside and that we draw much from the store of goodness inside ourselves.

A way of looking at this is to wonder what makes us feel positive in ourselves about others and about the world.
We have days when we feel truly grateful for much in life and in the world, and the store of goodness fills up.
There are days when the opposite happens, and Jesus speaks of the ‘store of badness’.

The store of goodness is filled up in many -a good conversation with a loved one, time spent with an infant in wonder of how this child is and will be, listening to some good music and admiring good art, taking time to pray and listening to the word of Jesus in the Gospel, finding time to pray with others at the Mass or in prayer groups.

God in many ways increases our store of goodness and we allow this happen. You can find your favourite ways of bringing out the best in yourself.

We know of people we meet whom we always feel the better for meeting. Prayer and faith should always bring the best out of us: give time each day to to allow the total love of God for us to reach us.

Another store of goodness is the goodness of self.. We can be too critical of ourselves and if so, we will probably fine we are critical of others. Look his day into the mirror and give thanks to God for th e man or woman you se there.If you look on ourselves with love, we will look on others the same.

Lord teach me your goodness.

Donal Neary, SJ