JUNE 5, 2022

Pentecost is really something new!
The first reading has no blarney no recrimination for the death of Jesus – only a new call and new mercy.
The gospel is about the coming of the Spirit and the main sign of the Spirit is forgiveness.

There was a lot of need for forgiveness around in the first group of Jesus’ followers. They had let him down and had let each other down. They looked around and like any group felt memories of hurt, shame, let-down, injury and harm. They saw those who had abandoned Jesus and tried to cover up the sin; or they saw others who just knew they had done wrong and were sorry. All were forgiven.

And all are now called into the following of Christ. We follow Christ with all sorts of personal gifts, talents and sins in our back-pack. Like people on pilgrimage, we are cluttered. The Holy Spirit opens our hearts to let this baggage just fly away! We are people of freedom and of a new song.

What song do I sing in the presence of the Lord? One that brings me back into misery like singing of shame and misery or one that brings me into the freedom of the Alleluia? Can my heart dance with the joy and hope of Pentecost?

Ask this day for what gift of the Spirit you really want, and
maybe include always the gift to be able to let go of hurt,
to open the heart to all, and
to forgive or if not,
to want to forgive.

Holy Spirit, forgiveness of God, give me your true freedom.

Donal Neary S.J.