August 7, 2022

When you go away and want someone to mind the house, you plan well and invest in someone safe.
We often need that.
Who will monitor the alarm and keep an eye on the house?

Same with Jesus… the people of the gospel are the ones who look after his business while he is away!
God invests in us.
He wants us to do our best in minding his house.His community and Church are the people to whom he entrusts his life’s work.


We spread the kingdom in simple ways every day – care, hospitality, work for justice, compassion, with the gifts and talents we have. He has given us the gifts – we are to use them in his service. We do our best and God, the architect, is continually building with us.

He is the extra presence around in his Spirit. So when we do things in his service, he is the inspirer. But he leaves a lot to us.

And then when in his service he feeds us. He works with us and for us. The slave/master relationship is turned upside down. People would never expect that the master would serve the meal – like at the washing of the feet. We are nourished and renewed.

There is a need now for volunteer help within the Church – we need it now and will in the future. Formation is needed for people who can hand on faith when the parish may be called onto do more, and to do what the Catholic school has done until now.

The kingdom is spread through the work of the Church, and we are this Church, this body of Christ. We are the true blessed sacraments of Jesus Christ.

Put your hand
in the hand of
the man who calmed the sea

Donal Neary S.J.