SEPTEMBER 11, 2022

The lost coin was a precious coin to the lady in question in the gospel.
The coin would have been part of her dowry which with the other nine coins would have been made into a crown she wore on her head.
So all could see now that her crown was flawed and a bit of mockery and fun might follow.
Jesus knew when he told the story that it would reach the heart.

He would also know that people might make the connection – as every coin was essential to the crown, so we are all valued and essential to God. There are no accidents of birth, and nobody excluded from the promise of life forever with God.

The woman would go to great efforts to find the lost coin. Jesus went to great efforts to save each of us, even to crucifixion and death. We are worth the death of God, and are now the joy of God’s fife, like a child to a parent, and like the joy of friends to each other.

Even the first reading has God loving his people with heartfelt love. He is angry with them for a while but this anger is mixed with love and his love wins in the end.

The love of God is an active love, reaching to us in mercy and forgiveness, always building us up. This searching for all his people in mercy is the most characteristic quality of God, if we can put it so humanly. We are all children – on each birth and baptismal certificate, we can write a second father’s name – God!

Father, create us anew each day in Jesus, your Son.

Donal Neary S.J.