SEPTEMBER 25, 2022

This story of Jesus highlights the inequality of rich and poor.
Jesus appeals to our sense of justice, right and goodness.
There is no need for anyone to come back from the dead to warn us of this inequality.
The doors between rich and poor can often be locked as were the doors between Dives and Lazarus.
Those outside can only knock, protest and even break down doors. The doors must be opened from the inside.

This message of justice and hope for an equal share of the world’s goods for everyone is strong in the gospel of Jesus. His heart was on fire with the hope of a better life for the poor. He went to help them simply because they were poor.

The Christian Church, if it is to be faithful to the gospel, should be involved in many ways in the creation of a more just world. The Christian parish takes a special care for the refugee, the new poor, the unborn, the elderly, and in fact all whose voices may not be usually heard.

The parable is meant not to scare with images of punishment, but to make us as aware of the huge inequalities that exist in our world, and in the exploitation of resources in the developing world.

Maybe we can pray not to be tormented by any of the pains of this story, but be tormented into action by the hunger, poverty and injustices of our world. Maybe then more doors can be opened from the inside of wealth to the outside of poverty.

Lord, may we build with you a world of justice and peace.

Donal Neary S.J.