MARCH 19, 2023

Some saw a blind man being cured and walked on amazed.
Oth­ers saw the same cures and found faith.
We can see things – ev­eryday things – with different eyes.
A sick woman may be seen with the eye of compassion for illness, hope for a cure/profit from a profession.
The Christian tries to see the world with the eye of faith.

Faith grows in many ways – by opening ourselves to our hu­man desire for God, by mulling over the good things of life/by experiencing the good within ourselves/ by looking over times of faith in the past and by allowing the goodness of others to bring us to new and stronger faith. This is the call of the gospel today – to open our eyes to the Lord who is at work in many ways.

We learn to see and love with the eye of faith by looking at the look of Jesus towards us. It is often a big jump to believe in what we cannot see. Even the blind man today was reminded by Jesus ‘You are looking at the Son of Man/ he is speaking to you.’ Jesus looks at each of us with faith in our goodness and with love.

Maybe we can walk around in this atmosphere of faith, “see­ing” God
in a flower, in a parent holding a child’s hand, in a per­son pushing a wheelchair with courage/ and notice that in many ways God is near and the presence of Jesus is at hand.

Let this verse echo in your mind from the hymn: Amazing Grace

I once was lost and now am found,
was blind and now I see.

Donal Neary SJ