FEBRUARY 25, 2024

Jesus heard at the Transfiguration that he was beloved! We all want to know that someone would say they love us.

We are all the time God’s favoured ones – it’s ourselves that miss out on it. We live in the big wide world of God’s love, and Jesus on Tabor was allowing himself be loved in the radiant light of God, shining even in the cloud.


Together we are loved as Peter, James and John were loved in community. Light is caught from one to the other. We are the light of Tabor Mountain for each other. All are loved. The one I like and don’t like! The radiant body of Christ was hammered and killed later by ourselves. Love killed at Calvary rose again. Love cannot die.

We can transfigure or disfigure each other. We can bring out the light and the hope and the joy in our belonging to God!

We can transfigure a school, a parish, a community any group by first of all our being loved by God and letting love go out. If we really believe we are loved by God then the world we live in is transfigured, changed.

In the light of the cross, the sign of our faith, the way we are saved.

Imagine yourself breathing in the light of God.
Let it fill your body bit by bit. Praise God for this light.
Light of God, love me, save me, call me

Fr Donal Neary, S.J.