In the Father’s name, we grow in community.

Ascension of Our Lord parish offers to all parishioners the opportunity to express their faith and share their gifts with the community through ministry.

There are various ministries within our parish and many people are necessary to produce our liturgical celebrations, including Sunday Eucharist and weekday Masses. Parishioners are also invited to share in the social action projects and to participate in our faith & spiritual development programs.

As members of our congregation, we invite you to consider becoming involved in our various parish ministries and take the opportunity to enrich your own spiritual life in return. Our parish is always open to considering other forms of ministry which will be developed if there is sufficient interest.

Ministers of Communion
Members of this ministry serve the parish by delivering the Body and Blood of Christ to the congregation at Mass.
Members of this ministry serve the parish by delivering the Body and Blood of Christ to the congregation at Mass. Some members may also perform the same service for parishioners who are homebound.
Lectors proclaim the Word of God during the Mass.
They are parishioners gifted with a clear speaking voice, willing to share their love for the Word of God and willing to spend time preparing to proclaim the Word.
Choir members participate in parish ministry through their gift of song.
They also assist and encourage our worshiping community to express and share their faith through song. The choir rehearses on Thursday evenings and sings at 10:30 Mass on Sunday. The repertoire is large and varied, and includes many classical sacred works. In addition, some members of the choir cantor at weekend Masses.
For more information or to arrange an audition, please contact our Director of Music, Joel Peters.
Ministers of Hospitality
In this ministry, members assist the community as it gathers for worship by greeting and welcoming parishioners and visitors, fostering the feeling of being “at home”, distributing worship aids and the parish bulletin.
They also organize the taking up of collection, and assist those who will bring up the gifts during Mass.
Liturgy of the Word for Children
The Liturgy of the Word is available for children of preschool and elementary age every Sunday throughout the school year during the 10:30 Mass.
The Liturgy of the Word is available for children of preschool and elementary age every Sunday throughout the school year during the 10:30 Mass. In this program, children celebrate the liturgy of the Word at their own level of understanding. They leave to celebrate this part of the Mass in the Parish Room, and rejoin the congregation during the Liturgy of the Eucharist after the homily. All children are welcome to participate, including visitors to the parish.
Faith Development for Children
A diocesan approved program is offered in our parish to all children of elementary school age (and some older).
Our program uses the “at home” approach, with parents as the primary educators of their children, supported by a team of trained catechists, who meet with the children on a regular basis during the school year.
This program also prepares the children for the sacraments of:
– First Communion
– First Reconciliation
– Confirmation
Adult Faith Development
Short courses and small faith sharing groups are currently being developed on a variety of faith and spiritual development topics to meet the needs of the adults in our parish, including parents and seniors.
These will be announced from time to time in the parish bulletin and billboards. All parishioners are welcome to join in these groups.
Benedict Labre House
Our parish supports Benedict Labre through clothing and personal item drives.
L’Abri en Ville
The mission at L’Abri en Ville is to provide a stable and fullfilling environment for persons with mental illness through safe, affordable housing and inclusion in a supportive community.
They believe in a society in which persons can be full, contributing members despite a mental illness.
Visits to Shut-Ins
This is a special ministry to our homebound parishioners requiring the gifts of caring, compassion and discretion.
Some of our parishioners do welcome a friendly visit from time to time to help brighten their day!
St Willibrord’s Food & Clothing Bank
Every week, our parishioners drop off donations of food and clothing which is delivered to the St-Willibrord church in Verdun. St Willibrord’s Food Bank assists over 400 families each month.
A constant supply of non‑perishable food items, such as tinned meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, as well as dry goods, such as pasta, rice and cereals, is required to meet the need. Baskets in which to deposit donations are provided in the vestibule at the back of the church.
Gift of Sight Programs
For over fifteen years, Parishioners have been dropping off their used eyeglasses and non-prescription sunglasses at the church so that others may have the gift of sight.
These glasses receive a second life and are donated to two organizations that reuse them by giving them to the needy here in Montreal and to those in the missions.
If you are interested in pursuing any of these ministries, please contact the parish office at 514 932‑3131
Ascension of Our Lord Choir - 2018