July 10, 2023

Be My Disciples

Registration for Levels 1-6 is now underway.
Students from the parish can register now.

Returning students and new students must:
Register online (above)
Fill out the Registration form found at the back of the church. 

For more information:
• contact the parish at 514-932-3131, or
• Alfredo Bellitto at 514-924-2798, or
• email

JULY 3, 2023

Food Pantry Donations

I would like to express my appreciation to all the parishioners who throughout the year donate food items to stock the food pantry at St Willibrord’s Parish.

Your generosity and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated, and I believe the Lord who notices all the gestures of charity we extend to others, will amply reward you.

Thank you for assisting the needy and less fortunate in our neighbourhood.

Special thanks to David Barrington who weekly delivers the food to the parish.

– Father Mac Eachen

Food Bank Donation

We have a new tradition in our parish to support the hungry on a more continuous basis. Over 860,000 Canadians visit food banks every month, with over 36% of the donations feeding hungry children.

See a list of suggestions for nutritious non-perishable items HERE >>>.