December 17, 2023

Christmas flowers to decorate the church

There is a tradition at Ascension Parish for parishioners to make a donation to purchase flowers and trees to decorate our church during the Christmas season.

Envelopes for your donation can be found at the Entrance of the Church.

Please indicate the loved one you wish us to pray for, or your particular intention. We are so grateful for your generosity.

December 17, 2023


On Saturday, December 23rd from 3:00-4:30 p.m.
the priest will be available for confessions in the Church.

Please consider receiving this sacrament in preparation for Christmas.





December 10, 2023

Envelopes for 2024

For those parishioners who use an Envelope Box for your weekly donation to the parish, your 2024 boxes are ready to be picked up at the Entrance of the Church.

They have been placed in alphabetical order on the table at the entrance.

If anyone would like to begin to use envelopes for your donation, please speak with the priest and he will give you a box with a number.

At the end of the year you will be issued an Income Tax receipt for your charitable donation.

December 10, 2023

Christmas Season Masses



December 10, 2023

Wardens Elected

A meeting of parishioners was held on Sunday, December 3rd for the purpose of electing two wardens to serve on the Board of Wardens at Ascension Parish.

Edmund Nash was elected to serve a second term, and Dario Mazzarello was elected to serve his first term. Congratulations and welcome to the Board.

We wish to thank Pino Di Ioia for serving the past 6 years on the board. Your contribution to the board was immeasurable and much appreciated.

I am grateful to the parishioners for attending the election, and I express my gratitude to the whole board for your devoted service to the parish.

Fr. Mac Eachen

Food Bank Donation

We have a new tradition in our parish to support the hungry on a more continuous basis. Over 860,000 Canadians visit food banks every month, with over 36% of the donations feeding hungry children.

See a list of suggestions for nutritious non-perishable items HERE >>>.