April 12, 2020

Dear Sisters, 
Dear Brothers,

This pandemic, which everyone would like to see end as soon as possible, throws us into a state of heightened uncertainty.

We are heartbroken when we think of the people who have died because of COVID‑19 and their grieving families. We pray to you, Lord Jesus Christ: welcome into your Kingdom those who have died and comfort their loved ones.

The healthcare professionals who are risking their health and their lives through tireless dedication to heal the sick remain constantly in our thoughts. We pray to you, Lord Jesus Christ: strengthen them when they are fatigued, grant them your peace, which surpasses all understanding, and protect their families from the anxiety that grips their heart.

Then, there are all those who have lost their jobs and all those affected by financial insecurity, overwrought with worry about tomorrow: We pray to you, Lord Jesus Christ: through faith give each one assurance of your active presence in their life and the fortitude to live each day with confidence.

Also, we remain mindful of the various levels of government, employers and the whole of society that is making a concerted effort to support one another, take preventive measures and promote healing. We pray to you, Lord Jesus Christ: may each one of us be guided by compassion and neighbourliness in all personal and organizational decisions we make.

During this time of tribulation afflicting the whole world, let us pray together:

God, in your infinite Love, illuminate humanity and society with your Goodness and Truth! Free us from the grip of the COVID‑19 pandemic! Guide us so that we become a world ever concerned for the most fragile among us! Lead us to serve the common good, the family and life, your Justice and your Peace!

Dear sisters and brothers, I impart to you, your family and your community, God’s blessing, rich in Mercy. During this pandemic, may the Eternal Father fill you with His tenderness; may Jesus Christ shower you with His grace; may the Holy Spirit protect your heart.

In the name of the Father ✠ of the Son ✠ and of the Holy Spirit ✠.

Together, we believe in the Crucified and Risen Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter!

Christian Lépine
Archevêque de Montréal