May 8, 2022

‘God, that’s very true’ — a remark at our liturgy meeting after the second reading. Jealousy kills, envy too, and isn’t it great to rejoice in the good fortune of another?

Love is what we bring with us at the end of life.
‘We will be judged in the evening of life by love’ (St. John of the Cross).
Love for those near and far, for love in the gospel is more than love for just the family, the friend, the attractive one, the neighbour, for all.


There are different calls to Christian love – near and dear daily love, friendship, marriage, relationships. The wider world like in our job where we live in a loving way, in justice with all, not using others for personal gain; the wider world where a universal love makes me want to make a difference in the bigger world. Love carries us into wide seas and waters. It involves us with everyone. It obviously doesn’t mean we relate to everyone – nor that we even like everyone. Love is when others’ lives become at least as important as our own; and in the deepest loves like marriage, family, and often friendship, others’ lives become even more important.

Love changes — we look back and see how the people we loved make the difference. Life is too short to look love in the face and say no.
‘We are moulded and remoulded by those who have loved us, and though their love may pass, we are nevertheless their work’ (F Mauriac).

The second reading today is hard to beat! We see it in action when we look at the life of Jesus.

Dear Jesus whose heart is wide enough to love us all,
make our hearts like yours.

Donal Neary S.J.