May 22, 2022

Making a home is a big opportunity of love for a husband, a wife and a family.
They try to make it their own: pictures and memorabilia here and there make a home out a house.
It doesn’t have to be perfect. They want others to be able to feel at home in their home also.

It is the same with Jesus. In our hearts and the depths of our personality he makes a home for himself and the father. He asks for a loving and welcoming heart, not a place that is perfect, tidy and clean. To make a home is a work of love. Jesus’ making of a home in us comes through our growth in development and love. The loving marriage and family, the loving friendship, the heart that cares for others, these are what make Jesus feel at home.

Is this a strange way of looking on God? We think of God in the power of nature and almost the maker of history. God seems to reject all this all powerful view of himself and makes himself accessible in the home of our hearts.

Home is a place of help. We look out for each other and the contented home is where each cares for the other. St Ignatius used say each day, ‘Who can I help today?’ Maybe we can make that part of the music of our homes. This is God helping through you, and it is God finding us and each other in love.

Lord, open my heart to prayer and care this day.
Open my eyes to the beauty and problems of others.
Open my heart to your love for me.

Donal Neary S.J.