May 21, 2023

I asked a woman once if Johnny was in the house.
She pointed at a chair and said, ‘if he was here he would be there.’ He never moved far!

Jesus – he is here and there.
The risen lord has moved on, but he has not fully left us.
His Spirit dwells in us.

The one who came to earth has now gone back to heaven, bringing with him all that is human. His body – the man of heaven and the God of earth – is now the church, and that’s us.

Before we are of any denomination or group, we are Christ’s. We are baptised into the church of Christ; we live out our faith in different denominations. Today is the feast of the whole church – we begin in him and end in him, like the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, on the paschal candle. Our faith is also renewed through living with Jesus – we are partners in our mission. Our faith is also renewed in reading and praying the gospel each day.

On earth we are his body, with all our strengths and weaknesses, goodness and sin. Icons have Jesus smiling as he reaches heaven, smiling on us and living through us. We prepare for the way he is with us now next Sunday – in the Spirit. Where the qualities of the Spirit are alive, he is alive and well among us.

A breathing prayer – as you breathe in notice you are
breathing in the gift of life from God.
Holy Spirit, living in the church, living in Mary,
draw me more fully into your life.

Donal Neary SJ