April 7, 2024

Our church community faces many big questions about the place of women, our views on sexuality, the need for consultation and for dialogue.
We need to know what all of us believe, not just our leaders. We need to know how people find it to live their faith, in these areas of sexuality, justice, migration, ministry and other realities today.
Recent Synods and letters of the Pope have tried to connect theory and lived faith.

There is a need to be able to grapple with the demands of today and the message of the gospel; to be able to discern our path in the peace and joy of the Easter message, knowing we don’t all have to agree with each other to say ‘my Lord and my God’.

We are the people who are happy to believe; to show we are a community of faith and of joy, and we want to spread this faith that lives for justice and compassion.

We will never get it fully right. But we can get it better and better if we unite with the Lord and hear each other with respect. That is our challenge at Easter. May the Lord bring the best out of our faith in bad days, and help us live with and enjoy the best of our faith in the good times. We want to make alive what is best in our Christianity.

Thomas doubted at times;
Can I share my doubts of belief with the Lord?
Lord, I believe in you, strengthen my belief

Fr Donal Neary, S.J.